Monday, 7 September 2009

First Pictures of a selection of my infantry minatures will follow up with more infantry pics as
the missus wants me to get off the computer will follow after with Dreadnought pics of two painted Dreads.
Tactical Squad B

Tactical Squad B
Tactical Squad B

Tactical Squad B

Tactical Squad B

View of a Tactical Squad

Tactical Squad full view

Company Champion

Command Squad

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Hmmmmmm what to do what to do???

Scout Squad group shot.
Scout Squad shot A

Scout Squad Shot B

Scout Squad shot B

I begun work on my New Stuff will need to complete Tactical Squad D today and then will most proberly reward myself with Terminators or commander paint ups. I have 2 command miniatures to replace the old 3rd edition commander I used to use one is the Thunder Hammer wielding Master of the Chapter the other is the AOBR exclusive

But for the time being more completed infantry pictures to whet your appetite for the new stuff today is scout squads for your critical consideration.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

For Every beginning.......

Hey there....

Too many people Hobbies arent just hobbies there a way of life I have played Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy Battle in its various incarnations since the tender age of 10 years old I remember my first trip to Games Workshop the sights the smells.

Back then I remember buying a Eldar Phantom Titan a old lead epic kit in blister form getting home and sitting there deflated that I had to put it together my late father (Of whom i owe most of my inspiration too) sat with me laid out the pieces and slowly but surely this arcane engine of a race teetering on the edge of extinction came into being.

A lick of bad paint later and it was on the window sill looking anything but pretty but that wasnt the point a beautiful thing had happened that day a new world that would influence nigh on 27 or so years had manifested.

The years came and went I mainly played Epic owning at least one army of every race yes EVERY RACE in 1:73 scale huge battles would be played out my father playing the Orks myself playing the Imperial alliance arrayed before them Imperial Guard,Space Marines,Squats and the mighty Titan Legions blasting Orks into little green scorch marks.

Years came and years went but still the fire burned I collected everything branching out into Warhammer 40k Eldar and Space Marines Orks and a prototype 2nd ed hoch poch Chaos list and Skaven In Warhammer.

So here we are 27 married waiting for kids holding down a job 12 hrs a day 3 days a week I dont get much time to paint or assemble mini's I was having a ciggie tonight whilst getting bombarded by a rogue Pigeon my Wife who is beautiful and wise in many things said.

"You need a blog".

"Whatever about" I replied hmmmmm??.

"Your Warhammer men" replied the wife.

The lights all went on at once every single one I had been so lax lustre about the hobby because I no one to share with.

So here we are I am going to share every aspect of the hobby according to me my armies my projects my ramblings musings everything Warhammer 40k Warhammer and GW related you must understand I am busy working man as many of us are so updates will be every 3 days or so.

My armies my friends armies and trust me there are some sexy armies out there and in my circle of friends some damned good hobbists of varying skill the youngest being 10 years old.

So what armies am I doing at present and what needs to be done to them.

Emperors Children (Unpainted) needing a epic lick of paint
Orks (Unpainted) needing more painting this is going to be my next long term project painting wise more models will be added next year (One more Skullsmasha and a couple of Stompas ohhhhhhhhhh hmmm 3 maybe a 9 Deffcopter uber squadron and some Orc boyz and Nobz from Black Reach.)

But I will start by giving you a flavour of my finished work

My Space Marines and my Uruk Hai from War of the Ring

Pics up tomorrow

Peace :)